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we are close for family day .back to reqular bussiness hours on tuesday.

happy family day






Nika is a tiny shop with a big selection of women’s and men’s leather goods. We are located at

205 Abbott Street in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver, BC.

  • Shoes from Germany (Tamaris), women’s hand bags from Sweden (themonte, Adax, Gianni Conti)
  • Handmade men’s shoes, women’s and men’s leather and suede jackets from Sweden (Jofama)
  • Wallets and briefcases from Denmark and Italy (Tony Perotti)
  • We also offer complete shoe/leather repair service in store
  • We guarantee you will have a wonderful experience


Telephone: 604-669-8090  Fax: 604-299-4804  E-mail: info@nikadesign.ca